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Have you ever wondered how all those expert entrepreneurs create amazing courses, get famous for what they do, and reach a global audience… so they can sell their courses 24/7?

Would you like to be able to take your experience... your expertise…  and your passions… and do that too?


Do any of these resonate with you?

Covid 19

Right now it’s difficult to maintain a successful expert business due to this global pandemic, which has in reality totally decimated many solopreneurs work flow and cash flow…

Time For Money

Irrespective of Covid 19… you have a business model - dependant on you exchanging your time for money, which means that if you don’t work for any reason you don’t earn, putting yourself and your family in a vulnerable position.

Business Growth

Because your business is time for money dependant it is difficult to scale to the level of financial success you truly deserve… after all you’ve been developing your skills, know-how, experience and expertise for a long time now.

Global Market

It’s difficult to create a steady stream of new perfect prospects, without creating a marketing machine – so you can achieve a steady growth, so your business can thrive and survive by reaching a global market.

"As a result of Michael’s training I earn a significant amount of money from the online training I’ve developed. "

Steve Mills
Marketing Expert

The Total Online Course Blueprint Mastermind

...A 12 Module Online Digital Course, that is structured, sequenced and systematised... to ensure your can create, market and sell a premium online course and reach a global market 24/7. Plus 6 months support and twice weekly LIVE coaching and Q&A sessions.

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Module  1

  • Why Create an Online Course
  • Find Your Superpower
  • Niche Clarity
  • Goals
  • Key Components
  • Research Your Course Potential

Module 2

  • The Big Idea
  • The Purpose
  • The People
  • Your Position
  • Pain / Problem

Module 3

  • How Our Mind Works
  • Taking Control Of Our Mind
  • The Meddling Mind
  • SCORE Model

Module 4

  • Customer Value Journey
  • What Do You Need?
  • Brand Identity
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Pro Pricing Model

Module 5

  • Course Design Tools
  • Mistakes To Avoid
  • Structuring Your Course
  • The 4Mat System for Lesson Design
  • Unique Brand Solution

Module 6

  • Pre-Frame - Indoctrination - Conversion
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Repurposing
  • Live Content
  • List Building

Module 7

  • Scripting Lessons
  • Slide Creation
  • Using Canva
  • Using Screenflow

Module 8

  • Face to Camera - Smartphone
  • What Kit Do I Need?
  • Filming Day Checklist
  • Best DSLR Settings for Video
  • Audio for Video Lessons

"Michael’s course has just been amazing, if you really want to take your business to the next step this is a growing market, there’s no time like the present to get online training out there – I totally recommend the Total Online Course Blueprint."

Vivienne Banningan
Founder Granuaile

Module 9

  • Editing Workflow
  • The FCPX Interface
  • Libraries, Events, Projects
  • Importing Media
  • Adding Clips to a Timeline
  • Move, Trim, Delete
  • Transitions, Effects, Titles
  • Exporting Your Video

Module 10

  • Video Series Launch Funnel
  • Video Sales Letter
  • Webinars
  • The Book Funnel

Module 11

  • Course Platforms
  • Hosting Your Course on Facebook
  • Basic Setup
  • Uploading Your Course
  • Formatting Your Course
  • Setting Up Your Sales Offer

Module 12

  • What You Need
  • The Automation Machine
  • Sales Escalation Funnel
  • Email Marketing Follow Up

This Isn't Like Any Programme You've Seen Or Experienced Before

I’m sure you're sat there thinking you’ve heard it all before and you’re wondering how this program could be any different from everything else out there. Well, let me share a few things with you… I made my first Online Course back in 2004, so I have many years of experience in Creating, Marketing and Selling Online Courses. Many Online Courses make you feel more overwhelmed and confused than when you started. This course is structure, sequenced and systematised to prevent that happening. The Lessons are structured in the following way...

Video Lessons

All modules are broken down into easy to follow lessons. All these lessons (described above) have step by step video instructions to lead you through the content. 

Audio Recordings

As well as video, we provide you with audio recordings. You can download these audio recordings and take them with you to listen to on the go.

PDF Transcript

If for any reason Video and Audio does not work for you... no problem, you can print the PDF transcripts and read the course like a book.


Most of the lessons have exercises that are aimed at helping you get more clarity on the lesson and also to help embed the learning to take you a step closer to completing your course creation journey.

There is Additional Support So you Don't Feel All Alone

The Total Online Course Blueprint 12 Module Programme

A comprehensive 12 Module programme taking you through the 3 phases of Pre-Production, Production and Post Production. Teaching you all aspects of how to design, create and market an online course from beginning to launch and beyond!

Exclusive Access to the Private Facebook Group

There is private Facebook Group for The Total Online Course Blueprint Mastermind, for additional trainings, community, announcements and it's where the 2 x weekly LIVE online coaching and Q&A recordings are stored.

2 x Weekly LIVE Coaching and Q&A sessions

Each week there will be 2 x LIVE Coaching and Q&A sessions for the Mastermind members of this programme. It's where you can ask questions and benefit from the combined expertise of the other Mastermind members.

Support 365 Days/Year + optional tech support

As well as the twice weekly coaching and Q&A sessions, you will have email access to the team here at My Expertise Online to help you out. (We also offer an additional pay-as-you-go technical support system.)

Mastermind Meet Ups

The jewel in the Total Online Course Blueprint Mastermind crown are the twice weekly LIVE Coaching and Q&A sessions. This provides a community where you get your questions answered, additional coaching and training, and the all important accountability.

The Benefits

🎯  Following a tried and tested blueprint means... you won't make costly time consuming mistakes

🎯 You'll be able to follow a step by step (paint by numbers) plan until your online course has been created and launched

🎯 The Total Online Course Blueprint shows you how to not only create an online digital course, you'll know exactly how to market and sell your course too

🎯 When you have your experience and expertise packaged as digital assets... you'll be free from the exchanging time for money liability

🎯 You'll be able to reach a global audience 24/7

🎯 Having your own online digital assets mean you can join the work from anywhere movement... a lifestyle  that so many crave


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Don't take my word for it...

Here's what Total Online Course Blueprint students have to say!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions I've been asked.

If you go for the most popular option:

🎯 You get lifetime access to the 12 module Total Online Course Blueprint Digital Programme.

🎯 A 1:1 Fast Track Coaching Session

🎯 Admission to the Private Mastermind Facebook Group

🎯 2 x LIVE Weekly coaching and Q&A group sessions for 6 months

🎯 Additional email support 365 Days


🎯 As soon as you enrol you'll receive access to the first module - the rest are released every week over the next 11 weeks

🎯 You get an invite to join the Private Mastermind Facebook Group, where you can access all the previous recorded Mastermind LIVE recordings

🎯 Links to the LIVE zoom Mastermind coaching and Q&A sessions

🎯 A link to my diary to book your fast track coaching session



🎯 TOCB was designed for those who have an expertise that can be packaged. If you have an idea you can turn it into a scalable online business.

🎯 The great thing about TOCB is it will work for new entrepreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

🎯 So, yes if you're new to business or wanting to break free from the 9-5 for the first time, this is 100% for you.

🎯  If this looks overwhelming - it's actually the opposite of that... it's the antidote to overwhelm. 

🎯It's a system designed to give you clarity on your course creation and to help you focus on your vision. It will help you align your actions so you can get the big picture of where you are heading.

🎯 The lessons and exercises are all broken down into bite sized chunks. To get through a lesson and the exercises that go with it will on average take about 20 minutes.

🎯 You won't get blasted with hours and hours of video that will suck up all your free time.

🎯 You get lifetime access to the course... I don't take it away... it's yours to keep.

🎯  No - It's never been easier or cheaper to build your online course THAN RIGHT NOW!

🎯 The course takes you step by step through everything you'll need to do, to avoid overwhelm and confusion.

🎯 I'm sure you'll find the tech aspect very easy and if not, you just have to ask for help from my expert in house team.

🎯 In addition we offer you a pay-as-you-go technical support system for those technical jobs you'd rather let us do for you.

Now is the time for you to achieve your dreams...

You know what you need to do!

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